Which is better?

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#halloween #jessie the cowgirl #little sis #fall 
  1. curiouskatrina said: top one!!!
  2. ariannedc said: the colored one :)
  3. stargiggles said: your sister’s so cute! the first one :)
  4. kaththecrapout said: With colors ofcourse!
  5. molinacelina said: Such a cutie! :> The colored one!
  6. parangpagibig said: hands down ako sa black and white photog kaso ang downside is safer kapag b&w. and bata kasi ung subject mo. mas okay ung may kulay :)
  7. jeline-catt said: cutie! loving the colored one :)
  8. mtfv said: wow! nice shot :) I so love the colors and settings ♥
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